Crafting a snarky sales form builder brand to stand out in the noise.

Lead gen forms can be built better in every way. And Harvey Carpenter did it.

Trouble was, his form builder Growform was packed full of features and none of the punch that doubling leads can bring.

So we rolled up our sleeves and crafted a brand that stated it got sh*t done and broke sales status quo rules, with a visual identity and landing page copy to match.

Brand Persona

While it isn’t going on their business cards, Growform stands for the three F’s when it comes to lead gen:

- Form

- Function

- Really F**king works

Since the brand was UK-based, we built a brand persona that was equal parts explorer, innovator, and salty British humor.

Who better to state that then Tony Stark x Roy Kent? Neither of whom kept their opinions to themselves with results that showed they were right.

Color Palette

Green is the obvious choice for any product with “growth” in the name.

But Growform is far from obvious, so we kicked the energy into high gear with acid neon green.

With bright shades of blue for trust, purple for value, and pink for a final burst of pushing boundaries. All for subtle accents that show up when you least expect it.  

"I think you've summed it up perfectly. ‍I love it."

Harvey Carpenter

Founder and Form Geek, Growform


Ease of reading and the straight lines of professionalism (this is a white-collar world after all) were required.

A modern tech feel without being boorishly flashy was the extra pour on top.

Work Sans fit the bill on all fronts. (Even the font name is making it happen!)


Like the rest of the brand, the Logo needed to be Simple. Clean. And in your face.

Landing Page

The final landing page design speaks directly to customers' pain points with social proof to back up every claim.

And has placeholders for interactive product demos and feature showcases.

Scroll to see the full landing page

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