Building a character around the ultimate experience for Marvel Legends collectors.

Built by Alejandro Medina - 90's kid, comic book lover, and Marvel Legends enthusiast - Legendsverse is a web app for Marvel Legends collectibles.

It’s a market value tracker, virtual collection showcase, and social club all flipped into one.

Plus, unlike its poorly designed competitors, there’s no digital spying in sight.

But as comprehensive and easy-to-use as the app was, the brand felt robotic.

We took the Legendsverse brand and crafted it into a recognizable character that was as uproariously playful as the Marvel experience.

Brand Persona

Legendsverse is much beloved by its 200+ customers whose action figure collections easily top $10K in value.

We took feedback from Alejandro’s build in public journey on the subreddit r/Marvel_legends to understand the biggest solutions that Legendsverse provided and crafted the brand from customers' own words and experience with Marvel Legends.

From that, it became very obvious that Legendsverse was the hero app collectors had been waiting for. And that it was as fun to use as the figures were to play with.

This became the foundation of the brand persona: Having fun while saving the day.

Who better to typify that dynamic then two characters that are a memorable mashup of Thor and Star-Lord? - both famous for goodhearted clever quips and an air of nonchalance.

Color Palette

If Legendsverse was a person, they'd be an extroverted, easily likable, popular nerd who believes Marvel Legends is a way to be a kid at heart with a spirit of fun and a hunger to improve the collecting experience and further explore the growing Marvel Universe. 

That translated to colors that were bold, a bit classic, and had room for multiple shades. With a wink at Marvel red (close, but not quite, because copyright) a basic-but-not-boring color palette emerged.

"I love it. That's exactly how I'd like Legendsverse to be. I really appreciate your hard work on this. I love it."

Alejandro Medina

Founder, Legendsverse


Since Legendsverse is a web app, a font that was easily accessible, had a slight comic book feel, and came in multiple weights that would work across displays was mandatory.

Kanit is a Google font with over a half-dozen weights that works for blocky headers and display text alike.


With the brand being so outgoing and a tad bit nostalgic, we decided the logo should hit those themes on the head. Enter a 3D popping logo in signature black and red. A little bit comic, a little bit modern and completely unique.

Plus, it’s a throwback to the logo of Alejandro’s favorite Marvel movie: Thor: Ragnarok.

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