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Published on
22 January 2021


Dating app for one day a week

Why the brand works

  • **Naming: Intriguing and straightforward **

    • A dating app named after a day? Makes you want to know more
    • App is only open on Thursdays, so it accurately describes the service as well
  • Colors: Flirty and bold

    • Pastels say feminine and romantic
    • Bold primary colors say bold and purposeful
    • Grey and white is softer and more inviting than black and white
  • Copy: Innuendos abound

    • Copy is boldly sexy
    • Clear to the benefits
    • Conversational to their target audience
  • Brand Elements: Illustrations are distinctly different

    • Brings in romantic elements like hearts and flowers
    • Feelings surrounding dating like timing and sex
    • Has flirty fruit innuendos like cherries and bananas ;)
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