An effortless photo uploading and sharing? Brilliant. Managing all of the marketing for it? Endless Backlog. With a brand revamp, updated messaging, customer interviews and ongoing marketing management, Ignore No More took DropEvent to the next level of marketing and SEO. Plus we showed him data-backed marketing ideas worth $250K+ ARR just for DropEvent.

From SEO-only to marketing, managed!

Starting with a deepdive into why customers loved the tool and why they were using DropEvent, we rebranded, rebuilt the website, built out his Martech and tracking to see marketing success, interviewed customers, and crafted a marketing strategy based on the brainwaves. Whew!

Then we executed and iterated on the whole plan.

The Problem

Jeremy built DropEvent after forgetting his phone at his daughter’s kindergarten graduation.

"I still remember my daughter’s kindergarten graduation. But it would have been nice to relive the moments in a hi-res picture where I can actually see her face.

That weekend, I sat down at my office and created DropEvent. So you’ll never have to scramble after an event to find that great picture taken by your second cousin’s plus one."

In the 10+ years since (Jeremy waved that budding kindergarten graduate off to college last year!) DropEvent has grown into Jeremy’s full time job. But while growth was steady, he wanted to get to the next level.

He’d done a few blog posts, but the website was rough and his content dusty. Marketing strategy wasn’t really something he knew where to start on. He knew he served B2B and B2C audiences, but wasn’t positive how to leverage B2B. And while he had first-mover advantage, the rivals were starting to creep up like T. Rex in a Jeep mirror.

That took marketing, and his marketing backlog was a long as DropEvent was old.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Enter, the Ignore No More team


The Fix

DropEvent was ready for its closeup.

  • Jeremy knew his customers 1:1 when they sent him a support request - but he didn’t have aggregated data on what they needed, loved, or wanted in the product. Or what messaging would work for them. We dove into his conducted in-depth analysis of Audience insights and the existing customer review feedback and his product use stats to see what phrases customers used to describe their experience and any objections we needed to answer on the website.
  • From there, we developed a messaging strategy that we knew would resonate with customers. Including which features to talk about and how to describe the benefits in clear, conversational terms.
  • And branding (colors, fonts, and illustrations) that clearly conveys the ease, modernity, and familiarity of using the app. This is tech holding some of life’s most treasured memories, and the branding needed to feel warm and fuzzy to match.
  • Not to mention helping him break down and phrase his pricing to make it simpler for customers to choose the right plan AND for companies to build a best-fit for them.
  • From there, we built a website that showed > told how the tool worked, and what made it the obvious choice to use for any kind of event.
  • Including designing a self-paced demo experience so people to experience the “aha!” moment in minutes

The new website went out in October 2022

That was in 2022.

In 2023, we took it forward like Chariots of Fire.

From the initial marketing research we’d done, we knew that content marketing and emails was a must-have. Plus choosing, creating, and tracking all of the marketing

So we got to work getting the data talking. And while we did it, we started chatting with customers 1:1 to build a comprehensive and ongoing marketing strategy.

This was where we found the quarter-million dollars of revenue that Jeremy was missing! Since that report, we’ve continued to build, grow, and scale DropEvent’s marketing, adjusting to trends and customer needs as we go.

So far, that’s looked like:

  1. Complete marketing techstack implementation so at a glance
  2. Transactional and marketing email campaigns signed, sealed, delivered with an average 78% open and 36% click rate
  3. 3+ original blog posts each month, upping website traffic by 20% MoM
  4. 4+ Case studies with his SMB and enterprise customers for a deeper B2B push
  5. Partnership opportunities with Fortune 100 companies around the world
  6. Ongoing messaging tweaks and website updates → Website V2 comes out in August!

DropEvent got the full treatment.

We analyzed customer reviews and support requests to focus on the features that mattered most to them and why they loved the product. Then we did a brand revamps and website rebuild. While we did it, we kept an eye out for spots where DropEvent’s marketing needed a push - and wrote down a starting list.


The Results

Once the site was up (and working beautifully!) we got down to that monthly marketing business, this time starting with customer interviews 1:1 and content marketing.

The results of the interviews blew Jeremy away. There was $250K+ ARR lying on the table in missed marketing opportunities, and we set to work building and scaling out his marketing to get and grow that pot.

It’s been nearly a year since then, and Jeremy is thrilled to know his marketing is taken care of.

Jeremy Noonan
Founder & CEO
Jeremy Noonan

“Ignore No More was recommended to me by another satisfied client. They have exceeded my expectations, being responsive, efficient, and always working to ensure my needs were met.

I would highly recommend working with Ignore No More to anyone looking to take their website to the next level of marketing and SEO

I refer to them as “My Marketing Team.”

— Jeremy Noonan, CEO and Founder, DropEvent


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